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Baltimore Divorce Lawyer Discusses: What Are Pre-Nups and Post-Nups?

You may have heard the terms pre-nuptial agreement (or pre-nup) and post-nuptial agreement (or post-nup) mentioned in the news or an entertainment show.  However, these agreements are not just for the rich and famous.  Many couples may benefit from a pre- or post-nup agreement and they are available to anyone, with the help of a qualified Maryland family law attorney.

Pre-nup agreement

A pre-nuptial (literally before marriage) agreement may include almost anything the couple wishes, but typically addresses the following:

  • The assets, debts, and property rights each soon-to-be spouse will bring into the marriage
  • How these items and any finances gained during the marriage will be divided should the marriage end
  • If one or both future spouses have children from prior relationships, how these children’s interests will be protected
  • Should you or your spouse die during the marriage, how your estate should be divided among your chosen heirs

Post-nup agreement

A post-nup agreement usually covers the same ground as a pre-nup—alimony, support, property rights, and personal rights—but it is written and executed after the couple is married.  Maryland generally accepts them as enforceable contracts interpretable by its current state of contract law, as long as they are not contrary to public policy.

For more information about pre- and post-nup agreements, please contact Maryland family law attorney Gary Miles to discuss your particular situation.  To schedule your consultation, call Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC today at our Hunt Valley, MD office at (443) 589-0150 or contact us online.

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