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Our Baltimore County Divorce Lawyer Discusses Mediation versus Litigation in a Maryland Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you may be surprised to learn there are alternatives to going to court in order to resolve issues with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.  One popular choice is mediation.  The question is whether mediation is a better option than litigation in your particular case.

How does mediation work in MD?

The general process for mediating a divorce is as follows:

  • An agenda is put together that addresses the issues that may affect the outcome of your divorce, including particularly touchy subjects, and a resolution process.
  • The mediator helps set ground rules for the mediation process and lets you know the information you must provide in order to proceed.
  • The mediator, you, and your spouse work together to create parenting agreements and financial management plans, and to work out other issues over a series of sessions, each lasting roughly two hours.
  • Either an outcome satisfactory to both parties is reached and the divorce moves into the final phase, or mediation breaks down and you must go to court to seek resolution.

Mediation may be a good alternative for couples that are close to agreement already on issues such as child custody and financial support. It often works with couples who are still somewhat comfortable communicating with one another. It allows you the opportunity to resolve issues very important to you—in your own way.

When going to court is a better choice

Litigation may be a better alternative under the following circumstances:

  • Your spouse is extremely volatile or violent toward you or your children.
  • Too much animosity exists for you to even be in the same room together.
  • You suspect your spouse is withholding relevant information, particularly related to finances.
  • Your spouse is unwilling or unable to stick to a mediation appointment schedule.

If you are uncertain how best to proceed when considering a divorce in Hunt Valley or elsewhere in Maryland, contact Baltimore divorce lawyer, Gary Miles, for advice. Call Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC to schedule a consultation or contact us online.

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