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Towson Divorce Lawyers Discuss High Asset Divorce

Divorces that involve a substantial amount of property and assets can be difficult to settle. For couples with a portfolio of assets totaling millions of dollars, there are many things to consider. Even break-ups that start out relatively amicably can quickly become contentious when substantial assets are involved or the couple is engaged in an […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Religion May Strengthen Marriage

A new study suggests that married couples who attend religious services together are more likely to live longer, be happier, and stay married longer than their non-churchgoing counterparts. The study found that attending religious services correlates with better health outcomes, a lower incidence of depression, and a lower suicide rate. Although the focus of religion […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Divorce Papers via Facebook

Courts across the United States are increasingly allowing divorce papers (and other legal papers) to be served through social media sites. However, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Sunshine recently took a different stance on the issue, and ruled that a single mother’s service of divorce papers to her husband through his Facebook page was legally […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Modifying Spousal Support

When a couple divorces, there are a number of important financial issues that must be resolved during the settlement process. Both parties must understand that financial support is determined by income, which can fluctuate based on a number of factors. There are a variety of funds that are considered to be part of a person’s […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Two Types of Alimony in Maryland

In the state of Maryland, married couples have a financial responsibility to each other. The law says that one spouse has to support the other financially and vice versa. This obligation exists even if the couple separates and is only absolved after the final divorce decree. Prior to 1980, in Maryland alimony law was determined […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Splitting Up Retirement Nest Eggs

Divorcing comes with many emotional challenges that can often feel overwhelming. During this vulnerable time, people going through a divorce must make many important decisions that will affect their financial situation for years to come. It is common that during a divorce, a couple’s retirement assets are the largest liquid assets to be divided. If […]

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Towson Child Custody Lawyers Discuss a Child’s Preference

Many aspects of a divorce are emotionally charged, but none as much as deciding child custody arrangements. Parents that cannot reach amicable agreements need to rely on the courts to decide custody. In Maryland, a judge will consider many factors when deciding custody, including the preference of the child. Maryland child custody laws focus on […]

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