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Towson Divorce Lawyers Discuss Staying in Business After Divorce

One census bureau estimate reports that nearly four million businesses are owned by married couples. Given the high rate of divorce in the United States, it is not uncommon for married business owners to decide to end their marriage. This can raise difficult questions for divorcing couples about the future of their family business and […]

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Towson Child Custody Lawyers: Summer Parenting Plans

As another school year draws to a close, separated and divorced parents must face the daunting task of creating summer parenting plans for their children. Co-parents that agree on a fair and detailed summer schedule well before the last day of school can reduce unnecessary conflict and stress for everyone involved. Even in the most […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Obtaining a Military Divorce in Maryland

Military couples seeking divorce face unique challenges that differ from their civilian counterparts. While the grounds for divorce are the same for military and civilian divorces, the rules and regulations that apply are different and the military governs a large part of the proceedings. There are unique aspects of a military divorce in Maryland. For […]

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Towson Child Custody Lawyers: YouTubers Lose Custody of Children

A Maryland couple who ran a monetized YouTube channel called “DaddyoFive” featuring videos of their family life with their five children have found themselves in hot water. The father and stepmother recently lost custody of two of their children after posting a video that showed the couple playing mean tricks on the children. The videos […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Maryland to Allow Protective Orders

The Maryland House recently passed a bill changing the way evidence of domestic violence can be used in divorce proceedings. Prior to passing the bill, Maryland’s Family Law prevented domestic violence decisions, including protective orders, from being admissible in divorce court. Originally, Maryland Judges had access to information about a history of abuse within a […]

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