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Towson Child Custody Lawyers: Different Co-Parenting Styles

One of the biggest adjustments for divorced parents is accepting that they no longer influence how their ex-spouse parents their children. Differing parenting styles might even be one of the primary reasons for the divorce. How can exes co-parent differently – yet peacefully – to ensure the children a healthy transition into life after divorce? […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers Discuss High Conflict Divorce

When a couple gets divorced, it is often because of some underlying problem that at least one partner is unwilling or unable to change. The underlying problem is rarely, if ever, resolved through the divorce process. So-called “high-conflict” divorces usually involve ongoing hostility, allegations of abuse, or a lack of ability to communicate about children […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Divorce or Bankruptcy First?

Many Americans unfortunately find themselves facing the prospects of divorce and bankruptcy at the same time. Knowing which to file first can affect your livelihood for better or worse. Filing strategically can also potentially save you a lot of money. Consider the following factors when deciding when to file for bankruptcy and divorce. Deciding when […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Pitfalls of DIY Divorce

Divorce can be costly, both emotionally and financially. Some individuals may think that divorcing without an attorney makes financial sense. This is rarely the case. Moreover, whatever small savings there may be are often offset by the stress and uncertainty of going it alone. There are many questions you should ask yourself before trying to […]

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Towson Domestic Violence Lawyers: Children Affected by Domestic Violence

Children are deeply affected by witnessing domestic violence in the home. They often suffer serious physical and emotional effects that can last a lifetime. Without treatment, children often repeat these behaviors in their own families, continuing the cycle of abuse for generations to come. Sadly, millions of children across the country between the ages of […]

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Towson Child Custody Lawyers: Benefits of Overnights at Dad’s

A new study conducted at Arizona State University has found that infants and toddlers of divorced parents who live with their mother benefit from spending the night with their father. Lead author of the study, William Fabricius, associate professor of psychology at Arizona State University, recruited 116 college students whose parents had divorced before they […]

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